Outtakes from Morgan vs. Nikki Fight 1February 12, 2022

In preparation for releasing the new site, I figured I'd add a bit more "bonus" content that I anticipate the average visitor might appreciate.

On the old Knockout Cats website, I had designated a section where I put additional material like this. I posted this behind the scenes/outtakes video there, so I figured I'd repost here on the new site.

Before a shoot, I occasionally set up a GoPro to capture behind-the-scenes action as long as the models are cool with it. Most of the following outtakes video was shot with the GoPro, but I spliced in some video from the main cam too.

Side note: In the case of koc0021 Morgan vs. Nikki Fight 2 the GoPro camera [partially] saved my ass. If you notice in the video description, I failed to capture audio for the last 3-ish minutes. In reality, I failed to capture audio for the entire fight. However, the GoPro had been recording for most of the shoot until it ran out of battery or SD card space. I ended up using what audio I savaged from the GoPro when editing and rendering that video.