Amanda Marie
Ashley Wildcat
Bella Ink
Madison Swan
Misty Lovelace
Morgan Del Ray
Nikki Next
Sasha Fae
Veronika Valentine

Morgan Del Ray vs. Nikki Next Fight 2

1st place in the bikini contest goes to... Nikki! 2nd and 3rd place go to ... not Morgan :(. Nikki rubs her face in it, and then adds injury to insult.


Becca vs. Bella Ink Fight 1

Competitive, full-contact hot yoga should be a real thing. Becca and Bella Ink pioneer the sport and beat the bejesus out of each other.


Becca vs. Sasha Fae

Becca fights it out with Sasha in a knock-down, drag-out catfight. Fistfighting, scissorholds, and humiliating knockouts, but who will punish who?


Nikki Next vs. Ivy Fight 1

Nikki Next loves to send newbies home with their tail between their legs, but Ivy destroys that plan... and in the process, destroys Nikki!


Morgan Del Ray vs. Nikki Next Fight 1

Battle of the session wrestlers! Morgan stole Nikki's client, so the fight is on to see whose legs are superior and which girl deserves the client payday.


Bella Ink vs. Amanda Marie Fight 1

Mizz Amanda is out of her league against Bella Ink. Bella annihilates her with ease using punches, knees, leg scissors, and a sleeperhold.


Bronco Becca vs. G.I. Maryjane

Like video games? Girl fights? A little light bondage? Bronco Becca wallops and hogties G.I. Maryjane in this video-game-themed domination match.


Becca vs. Sasha Fae vs. Maryjane

Becca beats on Maryjane. Sasha dominates Becca. Maryjane joins in on punishing poor Becca, and Sasha disposes of them both.