The Origin of Knockout Cats (Part II)February 21, 2022

TL;DR Becca made me do it.

If you've read The Origin of Knockout Cats (Part I), there are actually additional events and contributing factors that led to the formation of the original Knockout Cats site. I didn't want to overwhelm readers with a long post (it was already kinda lengthy), so I figured I'd break it out into separate, consumable portions.

Many years ago, I had started following the Fem Wrestling Rooms website. I presume all visitors of my site are familiar with it. The owner of that site, Rick, had created a lot of content that aligned with my interests in this genre.

Rick's site offered to produce custom videos where a patron could write his (or her) own script, select the models that would perform in it, and Rick would coordinate and film the video. I was a fan of his work for some time, and although I noticed that he offered customs, I always just ignored that page. The idea of writing a custom script never crossed my mind.

One day when checking his site for new releases, I had noticed the cutest young lady in one of the new videos. She wasn't even one of the combatants in the video. She just had a supporting role, appearing briefly at ringside. She must have been there to star in other videos, right? I found myself wondering who would she be fighting? What type of match would it be? Would she be winning or losing? I was hoping her next video would be against a particular opponent... in a particular type of match... and have a particular outcome. This was the first time that I had the realization that I could actually make that happen. I could write down what I'd like to see, and order it as a custom.

So that's what I did. I ordered my first custom from Rick, starring none other than... the beautiful Becca. I pitted her against another new model at that time, Misty. The script had the two girls competing in three distinct fistfights, and poor Becca was soundly defeated in all three fights. Rick and Becca did a fantastic job creating my first custom, and it resulted in the commission of more customs from Rick featuring Becca (who always has the unfortunate task of losing in my customs... sorry Becca).

I have always been impressed with the videos that Rick and Becca have created for me, yet for every custom, I struggle to transcribe the images in my head without writing a proper novel. No custom producer wants to read and follow every detail of long script, and I surely don't want to write a novel.

Logically (according to my logic, not generally accepted logic), the solution was to attempt to produce my own videos. This way, all the minutiae that I envision in my head need not be written. Another benefit is that I'm free to change my script anytime before, or even during, the shoot. This is particularly important for me because I'm normally indecisive, and I often continue to dwell on the content of a custom script after submitting it. I feel like an asshole if I ask to make a revision because I realize that a custom producer has more than just my custom on his/her mind.

Anyway, all this just to say that Becca's arrival on Rick's site was a pivotal moment that started the chain of events that ultimately led to the creation of Knockout Cats. I've gotten to work with Becca on multiple occasions, and she's an absolute sweetheart every time. I consider Rick a trusted friend, and we continue to keep in contact. Hopefully, with the release of this new site, I'll get to work with both of them again.