Knockout Cats produces scripted female vs. female fight videos starring some of the most attractive ladies to perform in this genre. The action is generally comprised of catfights, wrestling, fistfights, submissions, and knockout holds. The safety of our models is paramount so you won't see high-risk maneuvers here (that's what WWE is for), but the action, storylines, and models themselves are always entertaining.

Knockout Cats

For the following reasons, Knockout Cats does not create custom videos:

  1. It requires additional coordination between myself and a third party (i.e. you).
  2. I have no confidence in my ability to accurately turn your words into exactly what you envision.
  3. I'd stress out about 1. & 2., and my primary purpose for producing videos is to have fun. (stress ≠ fun)
  4. I film and edit videos at sporadic intervals so turnaround times for delivery of customs would be horrendous.

Although Knockout Cats is run by a single guy, the site would be nothing without the efforts of the lovely fighters who star in the videos. I'm forever grateful for the work that they do and their willingness and patience in dealing with me.

If you'd like to learn more about the site and its creator, checkout out the site blog where you'll find articles on a fairly eclectic collection of topics.

For any issues with the site or for general questions, please contact me at