Welcome to Knockout Cats!

Welcome to the new Knockout Cats site. We feature fantasy female wrestling, fistfighting, boxing, and catfighting. The site is still in its infancy so you may notice some changes and updates as you browse. However, we're excited to share our first shoots, and we'll continue to produce and post content, so please return often. For site update notifications regarding new content be sure to "like" and "favorite" our Facebook page where we'll be posting pictures and sample videos for new video releases. Speaking of new videos, check out the list of what's available now!

Knockout Cats produces fantasy videos of female versus female combat involving absolutely beautiful and amazingly talented girls from the industry. They truly are "knockouts." The content that we normally produce includes belly punching, wrestling submissions, one-sided domination, victory poses, and of course, knockouts. The fights typically result in a clear winner, while her beaten opponent lays writhing or unconscious in defeat.

We hope you enjoy the site, and we'll continue to improve it over the coming months!