Guidelines for a better communitySeptember 04, 2021

Please read and abide by the following super-simple rules, and we'll all get along and have a splendid time.

#1 Don't resell, trade, or post videos

A major contributing factor to taking the site down previously and debating whether to revive it was due to people distributing videos to others. Producing videos is not what I do for a living - I just do it because:

  1. I enjoy working with the people in the industry
  2. It's an additional revenue stream
  3. It's interesting work that is very different from my 9-to-5 job

When a video is made available to others for free, for resale, or for trade, that is lost revenue for me. As you can imagine, a tiny site like Knockout Cats does not generate a lot of sales as it is. When seeing videos being resold, hearing about traded videos, and finding my videos posted for free, I easily lose motivation to invest my time and effort into producing content and maintaining the site. I have a separate occupation that allows me to live comfortably, so if I lose motivation in this endeavor, it's not a difficult decision for me to take down the site and never release the remaining content that I've filmed.

If you appreciate the content and would like to see more videos posted in the future, then I simply ask that you don't be a dick by distributing or trading the videos with others.

#2 Be respectful

I've witnessed several comments and posts with disrespectful remarks targeted towards models and producers in this industry. Knockout Cats encourages all patrons of the site to treat everyone with respect.

All the ladies that have performed for Knockout Cats have my utmost respect, and any disparaging comments toward these ladies will not be tolerated. The characters that the ladies have portrayed in our videos in no way reflect the ladies' personalities in real life. They act out their roles for your entertainment, and they each deserve gratitude for their work.

The video descriptions on this site are fictional write-ups to set the mood for the video, so if a description describes a character as a "bitch", it is not okay to propagate that representation of the individual on the internet. All of us are real people with real lives and real feelings. Please keep that in mind, and be a respectful member of the community.

#3 Constructive feedback is welcome

I welcome your feedback, so if you have problems with the site or the videos, please feel free to reach out and let me know. However, keep in mind rule #2 though. In general, one is more likely to have their issues addressed expediently and more adequately when the criticism is conveyed in a pleasant, helpful tone as opposed to a demeaning, demanding manner.

In terms of video content, I'm happy and willing to listen to suggestions, but be aware, the subject matter that you see on the site is representative of what I enjoy producing. If your suggestion is not in line with the general theme that you see in my existing videos, please don't be angry and/or disappointed if your ideas are not incorporated into the site. As a concrete example, several people appreciate mixed wrestling/fights, but it doesn't happen to be an interest of mine, so I don't produce mixed fights.


Just for reading though the guidelines, here's a short bonus video (played in a loop) of an animation that I created several years ago. (Fun fact: the voice in the clip is actually Becca!)