Video Outtakes

This is a spot where we'll occasionally post free video footage that ended up on the cutting room floor. It may include behind the scenes footage, stuff that didn't quite fit into the final video, results of our experimentation with video editing, or just some silly outtakes or bloopers. But don't expect polished videos here. The quality of these videos aren't necessarily indicative of our videos for sale. Nonetheless, please enjoy the clips!

We tried our hand at 3D animation...

(Posted 04/28/2017)

Some time ago, we attempted to animate a really short 3D clip of Daenerys Stormborn taking some shots in an MMA octagon. It turned out alright, so we thought some fans might appreciate the effort. Don't expect too much. We're no Pixar.

Outtakes/BTS from "Morgan's Next Session"

(Posted 02/05/2017)

We set up a GoPro for our shoot with Morgan Del Ray and Nikki Next, and we compiled some random outtakes and behind the scenes... uh, scenes. The girls were fantastic, and hopefully, Knockout Cats will get a chance to work with these two incredible ladies again soon.