Becca vs. Bella Ink 1 (Competitive Hot Yoga - A Contact Sport)

Knockout Cats went for something a bit different this time around, trying our hand at producing a hot yoga workout video. However, we happened to have "accidentally" booked both Becca and Bella Ink to host the show.

While filming Becca's hot yoga intro, Bella Ink makes her appearance. Bella was under the impression that she was the featured host of the show, and upon hearing that she has to share the spotlight with Becca, she is not a happy camper. Regardless, we resume filming, and in the spirit of "hot" yoga, Becca strips down to her sexy pink bikini. Bella is unimpressed. She hip checks Becca to the ground, and does a little strip tease of her own to reveal an even skimpier bikini.

The main focus of the workout is strengthening their cores, so Becca proceeds to dish out a belly beating (punches and knees) on Bella's core. Bella drops to her knees with her butt in the air, and Becca keenly observes that it could actually be considered a poorly executed downward dog or child's pose. Becca plants her foot on the back of Bella's head and reiterates the importance of a strong core.

With Bella in dispose, Becca starts out with some pre-yoga warm-up stretches. She bends backward in a bridge, and Bella takes advantage of her vulnerable tummy by stomping on her outstretched midsection. Becca absorbs some more kicks to the stomach, and then she's tossed against the wall for punches and knees to her already softened belly. On the ground, Bella traps Becca in a dragon sleeper while she stretches Becca's legs apart, and it's night, night for Becca.

After a momentary break, we rejoin Bella who wakes Becca and bends her backward over an exercise ball for the next stretch. Once Becca has had more than enough of that exercise, Bella wraps Becca's arms around her neck in a self-choke that knocks her helpless co-host out for a second time.

Bella can't continue her workout routine with Becca sprawled out in the middle of the room, so she rouses the sleeping beauty and paces the room dragging Becca in tow by her hair on all fours. She stuffs Becca in the closet out of the way. As Becca woozily attempts to crawl out, she's met with a solid fist to the face that sends her back into the closet and back to dreamland.

Now, Bella can get back to hosting the hot yoga program all on her own. The problem is... we spent all our camera battery and air time filming their fight, so unfortunately, we couldn't actually capture any footage of the hot yoga workout. Oh well, maybe next time.

Video Length: 13:17 minutes
File Size: 984 MB
Format: FullHD(1080p) 60fps WMV
Shoot date: July 29, 2017
Release date: September 21, 2017

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