Amanda vs. Bella Ink (Time to Work Out)

Bella Ink is lounging, watching her favorite show when Mizz Amanda Marie drops by to remind her that it's time to hit the gym. However, Bella blows off the workout today in favor of her television show. That's not gonna fly with Amanda though. After Bella slings a snide insult, Amanda snatches the remote, flips off the TV, and it's time for the two ladies to bare their claws and face off. It's pretty even at first, and we're treated to a bit of back and forth punching to start the fight. It doesn't take long though before Bella has Amanda on her heels. She drills Amanda with belly punches and knees to the stomach. Winded and worn, Amanda is left to catch her breath while Bella returns to her TV show.

Amanda isn't leaving it at that though. She recovers, confronts Bella again, and tops it off with a solid punch to the jaw. Not a smart move. Amanda is outclassed in this matchup as she cowers at the sight of Bella cocking her fist back. Bella knocks her around, tosses her over the edge of the bed, mounts her, and goes to town with rights and lefts until Amanda lights are out. And it's back to watching TV for Bella.

Unfortunately for Amanda, she awakens before Bella's TV program is over. Bella pounces, this time stretching Amanda out in a bow and arrow hold, just to be mean. Amanda pleads for it to stop, and although Bella does eventually release her, it's only so that she can wrap her arms around Amanda's head in a sleeper hold. Bella tightly squeezes Amanda who is helplessly sent to dreamland against her will. Bella can now lay back, prop her feet up (on her friend), and enjoy her TV in peace.

But it isn't long before Amanda starts to stir once again. By now, she's finally accepted her defeat and is just looking to leave. Having missed part of her show already because of Amanda, Bella is still pissed. She decides that Amanda is going to stay with her for the remainder of the show, and a triangle head scissors will ensure that there are no more interruptions. Amanda struggles, but in the end, she succumbs to the scissors. This time Amanda won't be waking up early as Bella chooses to leave her unconscious friend locked in the scissor hold, and she's free to watch how her movie ends.

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Shoot date: September 5, 2016
Release date: September 18, 2016

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