Bronco Becca vs. G.I. Maryjane (video game beatdown)

Knockout Cats took some inspiration from video games, and we tried something a little different for this video by adding a HUD with power meters for the fighters. We're no graphic artists, but we're pretty happy with how it turned out.

Knockout Cats' favorite sweetheart, the beautiful Becca (as Bronco Becca) takes on the hot new girl on the block, Maryjane (as G.I. Maryjane). This one starts off with a quick quip from each girl as they talk a little trash about their opponent. The tale of the tape indicates that Bronco Becca has the speed advantage, but G.I. Maryjane bests Becca in the power and stamina categories. It's gonna be a knock down, drag out fight, so let's see how each girl fares...

Round 1

Becca and Maryjane take it to each other from the jump, and they start off trading punches back and forth. Although the strength behind Maryjane's punches has her out to an early lead, it's Becca who ends up delivering the majority of the damage from multiple punches, knees, and kicks to the soldier's face and body. The army girl's stamina allows her to absorb quite the beating, but the little cowgirl is relentless in her attacks. After wearing down Maryjane, Becca executes a bronco buster, and then she mounts her in a humiliating pony ride! After that, she lifts Maryjane in a hangman, and then they take to their knees for more fisticuffs. Becca does a number on Maryjane's face with repeated rights, and she finishes off her bruised and beaten foe with a kneeling dragon sleeper, leaving her in a face down, ass up position. Becca closes out the round with a victory pose and leaves the girl knocked out, face down on the canvas.

Round 2

Still bruised and weakened from round 1, G.I. Maryjane claims she's gonna rally, but Becca has plans to wallop on her some more and leave Maryjane hog tied and "squealing like a little piggy." Maryjane gets in a couple punches to start the round, but from there, it's all Becca. She drops Maryjane to the mat with lefts and rights and hoists her in a punishing torture rack. Next, Becca bends Maryjane over her knee in a backbreaker, and delivers a few belly punches while she's there. Maryjane's almost had enough, so it's time for some knees to the face, and one last solid kick has Maryjane unable to rise for more. The round culminates in a good ol' fashioned hogtie as Becca poses over Maryjane's tied and beaten body.

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Video Length: 11:36 minutes
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Shoot date: November 1, 2015
Release date: January 2, 2016

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