Becca vs. Sasha vs. Maryjane (3-way fight)

We recently invaded Fem Wrestling Rooms' ring and hijacked the beautiful Becca, Sasha, and Maryjane to film a few videos (with FWR Rick's permission of course).

Maryjane enters the studio where Becca's just hanging out, looking super cute in her bikini. It turns out that Maryjane just got a brand new bikini. However, Becca's not quite as impressed with how Maryjane looks in the bikini as we are. Becca's criticism isn't directed at the suit per se, it's more a problem with the girl wearing it. Becca informs her that the bikini would look great... if only it were on her. And as everyone knows, them's fighting words.

After a brief scuffle, Becca tosses the novice into the ring to work her over with a couple wrestling holds. Maryjane suffers through a camel clutch (not to mention some trash talking), and then Becca bends her over a knee in a back breaker while choking her out with a hand around her neck. Maryjane succumbs to the hold and passes out, draped backward over Becca's knee.

As Becca finishes up with Maryjane, Sasha arrives and weighs in on the previous argument. She claims that Maryjane was actually right - the bikini looks better on Maryjane than it would on Becca. Once again, fighting words. Becca dumps Maryjane on the ring apron, and now it's on between her and Sasha. Sasha's not the newbie that Maryjane is though. She takes the fight to Becca with a couple punches and then lifts her in a reverse bear hug. After a good squeeze, Sasha applies an abdominal stretch that has Becca crying out in pain.

Meanwhile, Maryjane comes to, and the brunettes decide to double team the blonde. Sasha holds Becca in a full nelson while Maryjane gets some revenge by delivering some seriously solid belly punches. They continue the punishment in the corner with more punches and kicks to the stomach. Sasha then secures a figure four leg lock as Maryjane head scissors Becca. Still not done, Maryjane restrains Becca in a reverse standing head scissors, and Sasha dishes out some more belly blows. Poor little Becca. Compassionate as they are, the girls end the torment with a swift punch to the face, and they let Becca sleep it off while lounging (i.e tangled) in the ropes.

Now that the remaining conscious parties are in agreement that Maryjane looks better than Becca, the video concludes with a tea party... uh, not quite. Sasha adds that the bikini would actually look better on herself than Maryjane... Uh oh, more fighting words. Sasha preemptively attacks Maryjane, punching her to the mat, and then ground and pounding her to a knockout finish. Sasha poses over the girls before leaving the ring... to get some tea.

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Video Length: 10:31 minutes
File Size: 472 MB
Format: StandardHD(720p) 30fps WMV
Shoot date: November 1, 2015
Release date: November 8, 2015

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