Ashley vs. Veronika (Apartment Fistfight)

Knockout Cats was treated to an impromptu match-up a couple months ago between Veronika Valentine and Ashley Wildcat, and we've just released the carnage that took place in that apartment. Veronika heard about the fights that Ashley had with Amanda, and she isn't happy about Ashley's treatment of Amanda. Ashley is dismissive toward Veronika, and she doesn't have an ounce of regret. She isn't afraid to show Veronika the same treatment she showed Amanda and doesn't hesitate to throw down. The bare knuckle bikini fistfight is on!

Ashley dominates the beginning of this video as she rocks Veronika with punches, not giving Veronika time to get her head in the fight. After a quite a beatdown, a flurry of lefts and rights culminates in a big uppercut that drops Veronika to her back. Ashley claims the first knockout as she plants her foot on Veronika's stomach to celebrate her easy victory.

Veronika is rudely awakened by a few slaps to the face. She's pulled to her feet by her hair to continue the fight, but she shakes off the earlier beating. A solid slug to the gut silences Ashley's arrogance, doubling her over in pain. From here on out, it's a total slaughter as Veronika's fists repeatedly find their target. Ashley takes a severe beating, repeatedly eating fists to the face. Poor Ashley is dazed and laid out flat on her back with Veronika flexing over her to end the second fall.

The romp continues, but it's definitely turned into a one-sided affair now. This round is filled with belly punching - Ashley receiving blow after blow, softening her belly up and tiring her out completely. Unable to mount any sort of offense or defense, Ashley absorbs shots to her stomach and kidneys until her body can take no more. She plants face first into the mats with her tight little heinie raised - the perfect footrest for Veronika to strike her Captain Morgan victory pose.

Ashley was likely hoping the that that was the end of the fight, but she was sorely (literally) mistaken. Up she's pulled for another round of fisticuffs. She pleads for Veronika to stop, but Veronika holds Ashley up and relentlessly pummels her without mercy. Helpless and weak, our little Wildcat is tamed by Veronika's onslaught. A brutal ground and pound sequence finally puts Ashley to rest, and it's time once again for another of Veronika's victory poses.

Video Length: 11:49 minutes
File Size: 530 MB
Format: StandardHD(720p) 30fps WMV
Shoot date: October 26, 2015
Release date: February 7, 2016

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