Ashley vs. Amanda Fight 3 (The Tie Breaker)

Ashley Wildcat and Amanda Marie return for a third, tie breaking match to find out who's really the more dominant girl. Just like Fight 2, it starts off quickly (and they're wearing the same outfits, but no complaints here - they look great in those bikinis). Amanda bum rushes Ashley, trying to get the jump on her, but Ashley catches her in the nick of time - and catches her in a bearhug, in fact. She squeezes the life out of Amanda, cinching her grip tighter and tighter until our petite fighter is out of breath and hanging limp from Ashley's arms. Knockout #1 goes to Ashley who plans to make this a three-fall match instead of five.

Amanda is rudely awakened from her slumber, and fall two is under way. They lock up and trade some knees to the body, but Amanda gets the better of that exchange as Amanda's attack immediately drops Ashley to the mats in pain. Amanda takes advantage of her... and bends Ashley in a bow and arrow hold. With a foot planted firmly in Ashley's side, Amanda tugs on Ashley's wrist and ankle to evoke a frantic submission. It's all tied up!

In a rare show of sportsmanship (or overconfidence) Amanda actually helps Ashley to her feet. However, that kind gesture doesn't prevent Ashley from taking out her frustrations in the form of trapping Amanda in a SUPER TIGHT sleeper hold. Amanda struggles valiantly, but as her face turns a pretty shade of lavender, it's clear she's not escaping Ashley's grasp - at least not with her consciousness... and out she goes.

Amanda comes to to realize Ashley is posing over her, foot on her stomach, gloating that the score is now 2-1. A good tug on Ashley's leg topples Miss Wildcat and allows Amanda to lock her legs around Ashley's midsection. The vice grip of Amanda's thighs crushes Ashley, forcing her to tap her submission once again.

All tied at 2-2, we're not gonna spoil who wins, but we will tell you how it happens. They both enter the last fall pretty exhausted, yet one of them takes control and catches her opponent in another scissors - this time a head scissors. As her air supply runs low, the helpless recipient is sent to dreamland and unfortunately, takes a loss for this match as well as the series. The winner takes her victory pose over the loser to close out the fifth fall.

... but don't quit watching the video at that point! The victor doesn't really feel she's done yet. She forces the defeated girl to her knees, bends her backward, and it's time for a backward standing scissors. Needless to say, this results in another knockout. So the best of 5 match ends in a score of 4-2 - we do math a little differently at Knockout Cats.

Unlike their first two encounters, this was a close one. Me thinks we might need to get these ladies back to make sure the best girl really won...

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